Customer Services Management System

Manage and automate the entire complaint life cycle

Complaint management is the process of handling, managing, responding to and reporting customer complaints. Frontizo ensure companies have comprehensive control over how customer complaints are collected, recorded, reported, and tracked in compliance with industry guidelines and regulations.

This process requires a streamlined approach and constant monitoring to ensure end-to-end management of complaints, faster resolutions & continuous improvement.

Complaint Management Software

  • Customer & Plant Detail
  • Machinery
  • AMC/Warranty tracking & reminders
  • Service/Complaint Request Management
  • Travel Expense, Travel Time logging
  • Service request Spare part consumption
  • MIS & dashboard

It’s integrated complaint management software for after sale services covering below elements

  • Deliver Efficient Customer Service - Ensure that every complaint, service call, preventive maintenance or inquiry is handled correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty - Impress customers with a consistently positive experience, even in the case of customer complaints.
  • Improve Internal Procedures - Provide employees with a productivity tool for managing complains, tracking due dates and delegating tasks.
  • Share Information - A common database with automated workflow and routing enables data access across the enterprise.
  • Understand Your Business - Critical information regarding customers, problems and corrective actions can be analyse in real time. Make informed decisions that will positively affect the bottom line.
  • Multi location - Frontizo is a cloud based web solution. Thru this you can manage work of your multiple branches sitting at one place.
  • Spares Management - Spares inventory management with tracking of spares consumed and spares sold.
  • AMC Management
  • Head Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule.
  • Extensive location wise and company wise MIS.
  • Customers, Engineers, Principals data management.
  • Complain routing from head office to respective branch head and related branch engineer.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and learn
  • Customizable fields, forms and workflow
  • Task Report generation, e-mail integration and file attachments
  • Extensive due date tracking, reminders and escalations
  • User group security and access controls
  • Meaningful reports
  • Custom queries that export to Excel
  • 100% Cloud-based (on-site or hosted solution available)

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