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Insider Trading


Insider Trading key Points

  • Insider and relatives management
  • Pre-clearance of trading
  • Initial disclosure
  • Continual disclosure
  • Period end disclosure
  • Policy of document acceptance
  • Reminder for quarterly trading window close
  • Dashboard & MIS
  • Reminder for initial and period end disclosure.
  • Reminder for high value continual disclosure and pre-clearance of trade
  • Reminder for monthly, quarterly and annually policy document acceptance.
  • Pending disclosure, high value trade and pending policy for acceptance & pre-clearance approval and rejection.
  • Trading window status and top 10 trading holders.
  • Advocate, Consultant & Statuary management and communicate through email by the software.

Insider Trading

Insider trading refers to trading of shares by an "insider" based on unpublished price sensitive information.

It involves buying or selling shares of a listed company using information that can materially impact the stock price.so all information discloser insiders and it’s relative in this software.

Master Databases

  • User/Relative
  • Relation
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Branch/Plant
  • Advocate, Consultant & Statuary
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