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Android and iOS applications- different platforms with similar objectives

11 Jan 2023

While Android dominates the global market with over 70% market share, US consumers are still inclined toward iOS (more than 50% market share). However, this heightened competition augurs well for the end users, as they get the best of both worlds.

Android app development services viz-a-viz iOS app development services

From a consumer’s perspective, the difference lies in the user interface, popularity, device performance, longevity,  amongst others.

From a developer’s standpoint, it’s a more complex game. Android apps are predominantly built on Java or Kotlin, while iOS apps are created in a unique coding language exclusive to Apple called Swift.

Android enjoys the following advantages over its number-one competitor:

  • Greater scope of customisation
  • Cheaper development charges
  • Stronger developer resources
  • Larger worldwide market share

On the other hand, iOS rules the roost in the following aspects:

  • Faster and cheaper timeline to market
  • Less complex coding language
  • Higher average spending power of users

Challenges for Android developers are:

  • Catering to a more fragmented market, with multiple device manufacturers, screen sizes, and resolutions.
  • Increased threat from bugs or other vulnerabilities.

Apart from increased competition from Android, iOS has its own challenges:

  • Comparatively higher developer account fee
  • Greater publishing cost
  • Closed-source code

To mitigate the challenges of developing native applications for the two different platforms, smaller companies, in particular, tend to take a cross-platform approach. The challenge continues to be ensuring consistent performance across both the Android and iOS platforms.

With such intricate nuances in developing user-engaging applications across platforms, CFCS Cloud Solutions has you covered. Our 7-step development process starts at the ideation phase and continues until the maintenance and support stage, which is an ongoing process.

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