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Benefits to Law Firm

It’s integrated software for law firms covering below elements:

Client Management

THEO has the capability to store client case history data as well as information on contact details. User can retrieve data easily by feeding in name or its part or with contact number.

Case Management matter & Updates

THEO stores client wise case related data like: Case Number., related Court, Folio Number, Office File No., First Appearance Date, related case files and related contact person etc., The duplicate case prevention tool is useful in highlighting the possibility of a case being duplicated. User can search cases, export list, view, all related documents, Mails, Updates and Last Matter Update by person name and last update date.

Case Expenses Management

Here associate submit expenses related to cases like court fees, stamp duty and all other miscellaneous expenses. These expenses go for approval to the designated authority and if approved, then these expenses can be presented for case billing and associate's payment.

Document Management

It is an extremely useful feature in THEO that helps in the management of thousands of paper files .THEO helps to store, retrieve and find and share your files with just a click.

Secure and Fast Document Sharing

THEO stores files securely on cloud server so you can access and study these file from anywhere. You can share these files using integrated mail facility on THEO with client, associates or with any other consultants, these sharing is not permitted without admin approval.

Mail Correspondence Manager

THEO has the capability to store all email communication pertaining to specific cases. By simply sending a cc to a pre determined mail, THEO will save the email according to the case folio or number pertaining to the case.

Contact Management

THEO helps you to manage all your contacts, details of Team Members, References details, Sr. Advocate details, and finally clients and their contact person's detail. This gives you ready access to the data.

Court Diary Management

THEO never forgets court dates, it sends you schedules of the next week and after that on a daily basis. It sends today's and next day's schedule of court date and application dates. You can update your case schedules or related multiple application schedules. If you forgot any dates then next day you will get reminder mail for your missed schedule. All these reports also available on system.

Reminders and Group Scheduling

THEO allows users to create reminders for meeting or any other important assignments. Users can add any number of associates for group scheduling. After successful schedule creation each individual gets a mail and SMS regarding schedule. THEO will remind you and associated group members regarding schedule via Mail, SMS and through application POP UP reminder.

Batch Invoicing and Bill Generation

THEO can consolidate various activities pertaining to a specific client/case and produce a consolidated bill. Like wise it can give a statement of consolidated expenses that may have been occurred a specific case or client. Expense statement can also be obtained under pre determined specific heads.

Team mates work performance Tracking

THEO shows all work done by team mates i.e. number of updates, approved work, rejected work, idle work and billing amount of that work. This work details mailed to the individual and all details are mailed to designated authority within the firm.

Mailing and Messaging

THEO provides a broadcasting and individual mail and SMS facility. By using this facility you can pass message to all your team members in a single click.

Easy Access Dashboard

THEO gives you easy access to work summaries of firm associates as well as a user friendly navigation that allows you to get what ever information is required

Export List to Excel, Word and PDF

THEO is equipped with list export facility for printing, mailing, studying details offline. You can export these lists to PDF, Word and Excel.

Smart search for Document, Client, Case and Case matters updates

In THEO you can store firm information and and retrieve the same when you require any historical data quickly like Document, Client detail or any case matter updates.

Smart Mailing

THEO helps you stay in touch with developments in the firm and updates you about your Firm's work progress by smart mailing, THEO will mail you about Court Dates, Matter update by associates, unbilled matters, unbilled expenses and about your personal or group schedules.

System Update notification to Users

THEO prompts users to update records. If any registered user not logged in on the system then it automatically sends a SMS and Mail reminder to say "Please Update and Review Me "

Business Intelligence Reports

THEO integrates with intelligent business reports, which can be utilizes at the time of strategic level decisions for Cases, clients, finance and associates.

Multi User & Multi level Authentication

THEO is a multi-user system, each user has his/her own login and is the user numbers are expandable. THEO built with multiple user type like Admin, Accounts, Associates and Other, here you can add more types, and this is not enough so we enhance it for permission customization, so you can assign required module permission to individual level. So this system is well suitable for large organization as well as for small organization.

Cloud Database accessibility

THEO is equipped with centralized data base and web based technology so it is accessible across the globe and you can utilize information from anywhere either you present in any court of the World.

Runs on Mobile, Tab & modern Web Browser

THEO runs on most of internet devices like mobile, tab and all other divides which equipped with modern web browser. THEO APP runs without internet connection and whenever it found internet connectivity, it will synchronize with THEO Server.

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